$2.00 Tuesday

Since the high school I went to was super big on wrestling, and since my sister Heidi is living there now and has a son wrestling there,  we did another version of our Takedown Wrestling kit in red.  Since you are super lucky, you can pick up this brand new kit and it’s coordinating QP pack for $2 each, or the other Takedown kit and it’s coordinating QP pack for $2 each on Tuesday.   Then the red Takedown kit will go to our new release price of $2.50 for the rest of the week like normal.  Here is a look at the new kit and QP pack as well as the other Takedown kit and QP pack in the first color scheme we did.  Images are all linked to the store.


  1. This looks great.


    I'm in need of some guidance.

    This is the first time I am making a scrapbook on my laptop for my one year anniversary for my boyfriend however I have a dilemma. In order to print it the format would have to be 11 X 17 and I would have to cut out the extra flaps. I was wondering how you end up printing your work? I want to be able to print it 12 x 12 so I can fit it in a scrapbook.



  2. Hello Gizella
    Most of my LOs I print at Persnickety Prints or Shutterfly. When I print at home I made my LO in the size my printer can support.

    I hope that help you.



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