Temples and Tombs by Scraps N' Pieces

Wow! Scraps N' Pieces has the most amazing kit ever and it is a freebie!!!
Let Lori explain how this kit was "born"...

"I know this is a different theme for a kit, so let me explain. Our church did some skits with mostly the youth group, but a few adults were involved. They were supposed to take a Bible story and make it more “modern” and put on a 10-15 minute skit. Our group took the story of Moses and my husband got recruited to play the part of Moses. There was a cell phone in the burning bush for him to talk on and they did a spoof of Deal or No Deal with the Pharaoh as the host, God as the banker and Egyptian girls holding scrolls that represented the plagues which were things like “no internet” , “Superbowl cancelled”, etc. At the end he helped the Israelites escape and took them through the big “Red C” you can see in my layouts in the background. It parted and they all went through. It was very cute. Anyway, the pictures had been sitting on my hard drive with nothing to scrap them with for a couple months. Then my youngest son, who is studying ancient civilizations in history this year did a program called “Temples and Tombs” They all dressed in Toga’s, made colorful collar things and pharaoh headdresses and sang some really catchy songs that taught the audience about the ancient civilizations they had been studying. These pictures also sat on my hard drive with no kit to scrap them with, so I decided to make my own kit. We collabed on this kit with Christin’s Creations since she has a Scripture series theme to some of her kits. She took the religious part of the idea “Temples” and we took the travel part of the kit “Tombs” to fit in with our other travel series kits. Now, I know probably no one is traveling to Egypt right now because of all the unrest there lately in the news, but this kit works great for Military pictures of those deployed in areas with sand and such, also great for trips to the Luxor in Vegas, Indiana Jones, lizards, or many other things as you will see below. I know I’m talking a lot, so let’s get to it."

Here is our release schedule – each item will be available for 24 hours each and if you don’t want to be bothered with coming back every day to pick up the pieces, you can just grab the whole thing at once in our store for the great price of $2 this entire week.

Monday – Papers
Tuesday – Elements
Wednesday – Alpha
Thursday – Cardstocks
Friday – CT freebies

Take a look at the full kit and there are two paper download links right below the previews. Clicking on the preview will take you to the store to pick up the kit for $2 if you prefer doing it that way.