Monday, May 30, 2011

New Palette

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I have a palette and the theme, but I don't have a name... any suggestions? If I pick your suggestion you'll get the kit!!!

*** I forgot to post the theme, right?!
It's Bold but Girly, a very feminine theme but not too flowery...


  1. Can you tell us the theme? It would make it easier to pick a name! :)

  2. --Fabulous--
    --Uptown Girl--
    --Girls Just Wanna Have Fun--

  3. ~ Glam Girls
    ~ Bright N Bold
    ~ Captivating Girls
    ~ Pink is the new Black
    ~ Smart N Fun Girls
    ~ Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
    ~ Sweet Yet Sexy (not sure if your kit would go that route but I took a chance :D)
    ~ Funkilicious
    ~ Uptown Girls

    lol, that's all for now. Hope these were helpful. :)