Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bouncin' Beach Balls - DAD Papers 1

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Hello scrappers,
I hope you are enjoying Bouncin' Beach Balls, by my schedule today is paper day!
If you don't wanna wait for the links or you think you'll lose a day or so, you can buy the kit at STS store, the kit is on sale for $2.00 this week.

Here's a LO made by my CT Denise.

Click on the image to download your first set of papers.

See you tomorrow for the second set of papers.


  1. Thank you for the paper. :)

  2. Dear Adriana,
    This will be such a useful kit for summer photos. Unfortunately, I missed out on the first day of elements before I realized you had this DAD kit. I bookmarked your site now and will check daily. Would it be possible to repost it even for a few hours for us latecomers?
    Thank you, Simy

  3. Thank you so much. I love this kit!

  4. Thank You for such a great kit!

  5. I would love to download your papers but I do not see your paper preview in Firefox I do see it it explorer but it just keeps freezing up for me....:( I was wandering if you put a HERE link too along with your preview...thx!
    But very sad I will not be able to pick today gift! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm not able to download the papers either. It keeps loading but the downloa never starts. :(

  7. The download finally worked! Thanks! :D Wish I hadn't missed the elements. :(

  8. The image isn't not visible, I can download a paper

  9. Thanks for the Here link and the extension...I love the papers and Thanks again!

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  11. Thanks for the great downloads but I checked this morning and this wasn't up and now, at 3:45 it says it expired. I thought it was going to be up for 24 hours? Confused???

  12. Hello Anonymous,
    The post was up July 19 at 5:00AM, some people had problems downloading because we had a huge number of downloads at the same time and the blog wasn't loading properly. I let the link up until today 3:00PM, and as you can see by the comments above yours that the time was extended and people downloaded just fine.
    Today's (July 20th) the link for the download it's the SECOND SET of papers, not the first!


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