Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bouncin' Beach Balls - DAD Papers 2

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Hi there,
Lovely day right? I think is a good day to download more papers!
If you don't wanna wait for the links or you think you'll lose a day or so, you can buy the kit at STS store, the kit is on sale for $2.00 this week.

Here's a LO made by my CT Sherie.

Another beautiful LO, this one is from my CT Leader Dannethia.

Click on the image to download your second set of papers.

See you tomorrow for the Alpha.


  1. The image isn't not visible, I can download a paper

  2. Thanks for the papers- this kit just makes me happy looking at it!

  3. Thanks again Adriana, this kit is so much fun!!

  4. This Bouncing Beach Balls kit is awesome! I LOVE the colours! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. This kit is so cute! Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you for the papers, I really like the crab paper! You are a very generous designer and I appreciate how you setup do your DAD and understand. Thanks again and I can't wait to play with your kit!

  7. Thank you for the DD. I always appreciate designers giving some of their stuff away for free. And if I ever miss a DD, it's my fault (but I haven't missed yours yet). Thanks!

  8. Thank you! :D

    Agree with Kathy. I've missed a lot of freebies before. You feel bad but then you can just grab others at another time. No need to be upset about it. Certainly isn't a designer's fault. I think people feeling bad they missed a day just goes to show that they really love your work or they wouldn't really care in the first place, right? :)