Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Fans, Readers, Costumers and new Friends

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Hello dear fans, readers and costumers,
I really appreciate all the comments and e-mails that you sent to me.

Few of you missed the first day of Bouncin' Beach Balls and are asking me for a second chance, ok let's talk.

It's a Download a Day, that means you have a day to download each part of the kit. I'm very easy-going with the rule because I normally forget to take down the link, and because of the diferent time zones I let the links available until noon.

I never start a DAD on Sunday because it's a lazy day, a day to relax, some go to curch... So I use that day to announce the DAD beginning.

As much as I want to give you all another chance, it's not fair to those who got it on time, even more with the ones who bought the kit because they missed a day.

So, I know it's frustrating and few of you will no longer like me, but I have to be fair and honest with everybody.

Scrappbooking is a very fun hobby and a way to relax, and expand your creativity... I love scrapping and I love designing, I don't treat this as a job and a way to make money, I try my best to offer high quality products and if you're really my reader and fan at facebbok, you probably have won at least one kit or coupons and freebies.

If you are not a fan at Facebook or a Blog Follower I encourage you to become one so that way you'll not miss anything.

I'm in a process to start a newsletter with store info, tips, exclusive freebies and announcements, so keep yor eyes on the blog and facebook page and subscribe to as soon is available.

With that said I hope you understand my position, and forgive me for not being able to attend your request of more time for downloads.



  1. I think that's perfectly fair!

  2. That is totally fair. You are super generous with your free downloads and your fan giveaways, etc. Thank you for all that you do!!

  3. Totally understand even though I missed day 1. I love your work. Sorry if it seemed like I was complaining from my comment. :(

  4. Really looking forward to the newsletter! Thanks so much for your generosity giving us this awesome freebie, it is really appreciated! :)

  5. Yes! I forgot to say I truly appreciate you and all designers who give away freebies which is why I always try to make it a point to leave a thank you comment. :) Even if I miss your stuff, I'll always continue to think of you as one of my favourite designers. :D

  6. Thanks so much for your adorable beach kit. I know how much work you put in each kit and I really appreciate when you give away freebies.

  7. I appreciate all of the freebies which I am not able to make myself. My scrapbooks for my kids would never be possible without the generosity of talented people like you. I was disappointed to have not found you in time; but now I have you bookmarked and will check daily. Simy

  8. Thank you for doing this, i also think it's fair, rules are rules, they're clear.

    thank you for your beautiful freebies.