Friday, December 9, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

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Hello everybody! It's Christmas time!!!
Christmas is the Holiday of my house, as christians we really enjoy this time of the year. I gladly take time to share with my family and friends a little of the blessings I received from Jesus and all the big and small miracles that I can see happening in my life.
Let me tell you a little something since you are my friends too...

In April my stepdaughter was in a accident where 3 people died, 36 went to the hospital with serious injuries and only 7 walked out with a few scratchs and bumps, my stepdaughter had nothing, not even a scratch or a broken nail, not even bruises!!! And that is what I call a big miracle!
In a small miracle category I have my little daughter's chicken pox, she only had 3 blisters... yes only 3 small not iching blisters.

Some people call all that luck, I can't... I have lived too much to say that some things just happen. I thank God for the little money that makes me able to have my morning bread and the daily food on my table. I don't have expensive clothes, but I don't walk in the nude, I don't have a new car but I have money enough to take a bus... and still able to help someone with the little that I have. Because all of that I really love Christmas!!!

And to celebrate Christmas I created a new kit for you.
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas comes with 20 papers, 5 cardstocks, 1 alpha and 40 incredible elements.
Take a look at the preview.

You can have a little taste of this kit at Stuff To Scrap by participating in the Use It Or Lose It Challenge, that is a sampler over there with a few items of the kit for you to use in the challenge. The whole kit will be on sale at Stuff To Scrap for only $2.50 until the end of the month.

My CT's LOs and freebies. (names linked to their blogs)


And here's two from Wendy a STS Store CT.
She also have a freebie for you in the STS CT blog.

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Here's my LO and freebie!