Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scraps N Pieces “Bits N’ Pieces”

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I’m excited to introduce to you the newest thing at the Scraps N Pieces store! Starting today, April 1st, Scraps N Pieces will be offering “Bits N’ Pieces”. For only $1, you can pick up whichever pieces you want from the different designers. You can get alphas, papers, mini kits, and templates, and for only $1 you can get all the pieces you really love. The catch is this awesome opportunity is only for the first week of the month. After that the individual designers will either combine their pieces into a kit for regular price or sell their mini’s at regular price. Either way they won’t be a dollar anymore and you won’t be able to combine the smaller pieces from each designer unless you buy the whole kit. Each month has a theme and color scheme. Check out what you can get this week in Bits N’ Pieces.

I worked with the mini from Scraps N Pieces.

and with Keystone Scraps mini.

You can get all of these pieces here at SNP!

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