August at SNP

Boy oh boy!  Do we have lots of stuff for you this week.  Be sure to read the entire post because there is lots of goodness in here. First of all, we have our Bits N Pieces for you for this month - It's A Boy papers, elements, and alpha.  PLUS, we have a combined kit called It's A Girl for those of you with baby girls.  Perfect for newborns!  The little teddy bear elements are so cute.  You can pick up each of the parts for the BOY kit for just $1 each this week and the entire GIRL kit is just $3 as well.  We also have a brand new template pack for just $1 this week as well. SNP_IAB_previewAlpha SNP_IAB_previewPapers SNP_IAB_previewElements SNP_Template pack 7 SNP_IAG_preview   Before I get to the layouts, let me show you our other new products.  Last month we had two mini kits that were part of the Pick Up The Pieces for the daily download on the blog.  In case you missed it, we have added the core kits to the store for half price and we also have some fun add-ons that were not part of the downloads that you can purchase to make your mini kits into full sized kits.  They are also half off right now. Core kit - Yankee Doodle Dandy - this is the part that was free last month, so if you collected it each day, you already have this part. SNP_YDD_MiniPreview This is the Stars and Stripes (and dots) add-on to complete your papers.SNP_YDD_addonpaperpreview And this is a flair and journal card pack to complete the elements to make a full kitSNP_YDD_AddOnPreview OR, you can purchase the full combined kit with everything in it.SNP_YDD_FullPreviewOur other mini was called Lazy Days of Summer - Here is the core kit that was given away last month on the store blog.SNP_LDofS_PreviewMini This is the element add-on to make the complete kit (this was not part of the free downloads)SNP_LDofS_addonThese are the additional papers that were not part of the free downloads (download papers are pictured in this as well) SNP_LDofS_PapersOr, if you didn't get any of it, you can purchase the entire combined kit at a discount. SNP_LDofS_FullPreviewOK, now that we are done with all the business, here is some inspiration from our CT. Aren't those babies scrumptious?!  I just want to kiss those cheeks.  So, on to the fun CT layouts with the Summer kits. Whew, that was a ton of inspiration.  Be sure to also grab Stephanie's Template packs if you missed them with the downloads.  They are available HERE and HERE. Be sure you are subscribed to our newsletter above because we will have some freebies in our next newsletter for the baby kits.